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Zoll Accessories

Eastern Safety Services supplies all accessories to Zoll AEDs.  Not all products are listed on the website.  Please contact us to order supplies.

ZOLL CPR-D Electrodesaedpads
Product Description
CPR-D Pads for Zoll AED Plus and Zoll AED Pro.

Electrodes for the Zoll AED Plus that Defibrillate and provide feedback on rescuers CPR performance.

ZOLL Pedi-Padz II for AED Pluspediaedpads
Product Description
Optimized for emergency situations and the use with the AED plus.
AED Plus automatically recognizes the Pedi-Padz electrode and switches into child treatment mode.
Pads should be replaced every 24 Months.

ZOLL AED Plus Batteries 10/PackAEDBatts
Product Description
Pack of 10 Zoll AED Plus Batteries (type 123 Lithium batteries.) The Zoll AED Plus uses 10 batteries to power the AED. The picture shows one battery for illustration purposes. You will receive 10 batteries and a storage sleeve.