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Business Continuity

BCDR - Business Continuity Disaster Recovery, acronym business conceptBusiness Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning refers to an organization’s ability to recover from a disaster, emergency or an unexpected event and resume operations within a reasonable amount of time. Eastern Safety Services can offer organizations a plan, usually referred to as a Business Continuity Plan or Disaster Recovery Plan that outlines how recovery will be accomplished. The key to successful disaster recovery is to have a plan (emergency plan, disaster recovery plan, continuity plan) well before disaster occurs.

During business continuity and disaster recovery planning, Eastern Safety Services will help prepare organizations for disruptive events such as; hurricane, fire, flood or simply a power outage. Eastern Safety Services Business Continuity Planning is a proactive planning approach that ensures critical services or products are delivered during a disruption and your organization can start the process of getting back to the new normal.

Eastern Safety Services Business Continuity Plan includes:

  1. Plans, measures and arrangements to ensure the continuous delivery of critical services and products, that permits the organization to recover its facility, data and assets.
  2. Identification of necessary resources to support business continuity including; personnel, information, equipment, financial allocations, legal counsel, infrastructure protection and accommodations.

Having a Business Continuity Plan enhances an organization’s image with employees, shareholders and customers by demonstrating a proactive attitude. Additional benefits include improvement in overall organizational efficiency, identifying the relationship of assets, and human and financial resources to critical services and deliverables.

Eastern Safety Services recognizes the importance of Business Continuity Planning and suggests that every organization is at risk from potential disasters that may include:

  1. Natural disasters such as ice storms, floods, blizzards, hurricanes, and fire
  2. Accidents
  3. Sabotage
  4. Power and energy disruptions
  5. Communications, transportation, safety and service sector failure
  6. Environmental disasters such as pollution and hazardous materials spills
  7. Cyber-attacks and hacker activity.

Allowing Eastern Safety Services to create and maintain a Business Continuity Plan for your organization will help ensure you have the resources and information to effectively manage disasters or emergencies.