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“Our aim is to advocate for
high-quality, affordable, and
adaptable training choices, presented
by passionate, professional, and
seasoned trainers.”

With over two decades of experience, Eastern Safety Services stands as a trailblazer among Independent First Aid Training Providers. Our distinctiveness sets us apart, fostering enduring relationships with existing clients while attracting new ones throughout Atlantic Canada. Our success is rooted in continuous client feedback, a team of seasoned instructors, and dedicated administrative staff. As a smaller company, Eastern Safety Services is uniquely positioned to be hands-on in meeting the diverse needs of our clients, a quality that has fueled our growth over the years.

As a privately-owned entity, we take pride in our independence, driving us to prioritize every aspect of our operations and continuously enhance our services. All our courses undergo student evaluations, with quality assurance overseen by independent agents.

Whether opting for basic or advanced first aid courses, clients can choose between joining open courses in their area or having a customized course designed for their specific needs. We offer the flexibility of conducting the course at your venue or utilizing our facilities across Newfoundland and Atlantic Canada. Our nationally recognized certificates, valid for three years, adhere to provincial and federal Occupational Health and Safety standards. Our goal is to provide practical and enjoyable training, instilling confidence in handling medical emergencies.

At Eastern Safety Services, the focus is on creating a friendly learning environment where all participants feel at ease, regardless of background or physical abilities. Trainers aim to bring out the best in learners through clear instruction, practical skill application, role play, and scenarios. The ultimate objective is for individuals trained by Eastern Safety Services to leave with the confidence to perform their first aid duties to the best of their ability.

While maintaining the same training status as larger organizations, we distinguish ourselves by offering more flexible and quality training at a lower cost. Our promise includes an easy booking system and excellent personalized customer service. Our team of fully qualified and experienced professional trainers delivers hands-on instruction using up-to-date and hygienic equipment in a fun and enjoyable manner.

Join us for one of our scheduled courses or let us customize one to suit your working environment – our custom service is free. In-house training not only saves time but also money, with substantial discounts available for hosting your training. Let us simplify your first aid training planning. Reach out to us via telephone or email for free information on HSE recommendations for the workplace. We look forward to welcoming you to our classroom soon.