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First Aid Kits

Eastern Safety Services sell a complete line of CSA approved First Aid Kits for all Federal and Provincial regulations including aviation and the marine industry.

If you looking for a first aid kit for work, home or recreational activities we can help.  We also do custom first aid its that work for you.  Contact us today and have a medical trained staff member assist you with your needs.

Please note that not all our kits are listed here.  Please contact us if you require a kit not listed.

We have:

  • First Aid Kits (CSA Standards)
  • Burn Kits
  • Spill Kits
  • Trauma Kits
  • Marine Kits
  • Avation Kits
  • School and School Bus kit
  • Large Cabinet Kits
  • Custom Kits

Call us for your first aid kit needs for a one-on-one assessment of your needs to meet your budget.


Item Number: 01379
Workplace Standard, #6, Metal Cabinet

Item Number: 01391
Workplace Deluxe, #4, Metal Cabinet


Item Number: 01362
Burn Standard, 24 Unit, Plastic Box

Item Number: 01396
Marine/Recreational, Boating Deluxe, 36 Unit, Plastic Box

Item Number: 01360
Athletic Standard, Plastic Utility Box Medium

Item Number: 01365
S.O.S. Distress Large, Nylon Soft Pack, S.O.S. Large