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Respirator Fit Testing

Eastern Safety Services provides clients with safe and effective qualitative and quantitative respirator fit testing.  Once the testing is complete the client will receive an information package along with a card advising which mask is approved for the client.

What masks are be tested at Eastern Safety Services?
We can testing the following masks:

  • 3M N95, half and full face
  • North / Honeywell
  • MSA
  • Scott
  • Draeger
  • HSP/Survivar
  • and more…

Have a group? We can bring the fit testing to your location.  Please contact us to see how we can help.

What is Fit Testing?
Fit Testing is a procedure used to select a specific mask or model of respirator (Mask) that best fits your face.

What are N-95 Respirators?
N-95 respirators are used for protection against respiratory diseases that are spread by an airborne route (ie., TB, measles, chicken pox) and emerging respiratory diseases (ie., SARS) that are easily transmissible. Airborne diseases are spread when a person with the infectious disease coughs, sneezes, or speaks, sending their germs into the air. IF another person inhales air containing the infectious agent, they man become infected. Wearing an N-95 particulate respirator will protect you from breathing the airborne germs.

An N-95 respirator is not required in cases which warrant Standard or Droplet Precautions.

What is the difference between a respirator and a surgical mask?

  • Protects the wearer
  • Filters small contaminates.
  • Must be tested to ensure proper fit and seal between the edges of the respirator and the employees face.

Surgical Mask

  • Worn by people to prevent the spread of contaminants.
  • Does not retain or filter out small contaminants.
  • Not designed to prevent leakage around edges.
  • Cannot be fit tested.

Who has to be Fit Tested for the N-95 respirator?
All Employees that may be exposed to SRIs or respiratory hazards MUST BE fit tested for this respirator. This does not include staff that do not have direct contact with affected persons.

Why is Fit Testing being done?
Fit testing is being done in compliance with Occupational Health & Safety Legislation and Regulations by using the following Standards and Guidelines:

  • CSA-Z94.4-18 Use and Care of Respirators
  • Infection Control Guidelines