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Psychological First Aid

 First aid for the mind is just as important as first aid for the body. Individuals suffering from high stress levels, burnout and suicidal thoughts are at an all-time high in areas such as workplaces, schools, indigenous communities and among professional responders. 

Psychological First Aid is a resiliency-building wellness program that equips individuals in supporting themselves and others to cope with the effects of stress, loss, trauma and grief. 

  • Uses audience-specific case-based learning that focuses on self-care and personal protection 
  • Incorporates the latest evidence-based research on emotional, psychological, and social well-being 
  • Supports and complements workplace wellness education programs 

Online, in-class and blended delivery course options available

Who should take this training?
Psychological First Aid is for everyone. We all have strengths and abilitities to cope with life’s ups and downs, however, everyone can be vulnerable under stress or in a crisis situation. Training in Psychological First Aid helps to reduce stigma associated with mental health crises and can reduce negative health outcomes for individuals by promoting positive conversations about wellness. With emphasis on establishing a connection with people in a compassionate non-judgmental manner, the training also helps to foster a positive work environment and culture of care in the workplace. 

What makes Psychological First Aid different from Mental Health First Aid?
The broad preventative focus of the program. Mental Health First Aid focuses on primarily educating professional responders on the signs, symptoms, and care for various types of mental health issues. Psychological First Aid offers a daily aid to dealing with the stresses of life for individuals within a broad spectrum of communities.

Course Offerings
Red Cross has two online courses and a blended/classroom-based course to support learning of the factors involved in psychological first aid and wellness. Online courses can be taken separately as stand-alone courses, or as component of the blended option for the Psychological First Aid course. Participants who successfully complete the classroom-based course will receive a 3-year certification in Psychological First Aid.

Course :

Self-Care (45-90 minutes online)
Build a personal understanding of the effects of stress, loss and grief through the Red Cross Look, Listen, Link, Live model, and develop a self-care action plan.

Caring for Others (45-90 minutes online)
Build an understanding of the effects of stress, loss and grief on others through the Red Cross Look, Listen, Link, Live model.

Psychological First Aid (Classroom-based: 12 hours in-class)
Blended Option:7 hours in-class45-90 minutes online.
Learn how to support yourself and others to cope with the effects of various types of stress, using primarily case-based learning. Classroom-based and blended delivery course options are available.

Promote wellness by supporting individuals to care for themselves and others.

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