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Mold Awareness

In this online Mould Awareness training program, we elucidate the nature of moulds, explore their impact on health, delve into employer responsibilities as per existing laws, and delineate strategies for mould prevention and management. Given the potential hazards mould poses in workplaces, this course equips participants with essential knowledge to maintain a safe working environment.

Learning Objectives:
– Define moulds and their characteristics.
– Enumerate health implications associated with mould exposure.
– Summarize employer obligations under prevailing legislation regarding mould.
– Elucidate various techniques for mould prevention.
– Recapitulate diverse methods for mould control.

Target Audience:
This training is an online Zoom Mould Awareness training program caters to employers across all industries.  It can also be delivered in-class upon request.

4 hours (Zoom or in-class)

Completion Requirements
100% attendance, and 75% min. passing grade on written exam

3-year certification

Not available

Take-Home Materials
Certification card (eCard)

Sample Course Content
This Mould Awareness online course comprises the following segments:
1. Introduction
2. Mould – A Health and Safety Concern
3. Understanding types of Mould
4. Health Ramifications of Mould Exposure
5. Legal
6. Strategies for Mould Prevention
7. Techniques for Mould Control

* Includes any other content required by specific legislation