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Marine Medical Care

This course in emergency care provides general knowledge of first aid in the marine environment. Candidates are taught how to intervene in life-threatening emergencies including; unconsciousness, choking, rescue breathing, CPR, and deadly bleeding. Candidates also are introduced to pharmacology and other advanced topics/interventions for the marine industry.

Recommended for the person designated to take charge of medical care on board a vessel carrying less than 100 crew members and is engaged on a voyage of a duration of more than three days that is an unlimited voyage or a near coastal voyage, Class

50 hours

Minimum age: 16 years old, valid MAFA certificate

Completion Requirements
100% attendance, skill demonstration, evaluated scenarios, and written exam

5-year certification in Marine Advanced First Aid issued by Transport Canada

No Recertification available

Take-Home Materials
MMC Manual
TC Certification card certificate

Course Content
Review of marine advanced first aid plus: pain relief, pharmacology, dental care, wounds, healing and infection, suturing and clamping technique, aspects of nursing including catheters and patient bathing, control of ship environment and sterilization, acute abdominal conditions, gynecological emergencie, maternity, treatment and prevention of infectious diseases, substance abuse and psychiatric disorders, death at sea, external assistance.

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