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Food Safety Management (Basic & Advanced Level)

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Approved by the Department of Health in Newfoundland and Labrador and valid across the Country.

On May 1, 2020, a change to the Food Premises Regulations will take effect in Newfoundland and Labrador. The change will require owners/operators of certain types of food premises to have at least one employee who has current food safety training to be present in the food premises while it is in operation.

The requirement for food safety training applies to licenced food premises where food is handled, prepared or manufactured. Food premises where these activities occur will be notified in writing of the new training requirements. Some examples of these types of food premises include:

    • Restaurants
    • Take-outs
    • Grocery stores
    • Convenience stores where food is prepared
    • Gas stations where food is prepared
    • Butcher shops
    • Food manufacturing facilities (e.g. bakeries, dairy product manufacturers, meat packers/processors)
    • Mobile food premises (vehicles in which food is prepared for sale and service)
    • Licensed kitchens used by commercial caterers
    • Food premises where food is prepared for public institutions (schools, long term care facilities, hospitals)
    • Food premises in child care centres
    • Food premises in personal care homes

Canadian Food Safety Certification
Eastern Safety Services offers the basic level nationally accredited Food Safety Management course thought Probe It Safety.  Basic level is for employees, supervisors, managers and owners.  The basic level course offers an in-class or online, an in depth knowledge required to keep people and food safe. Food Safety Training Is Important to any business!  Our food safety management training will help keep customers and your business safe from potential hazard caused by food preparation.

What are the benefits for taking our food safety training?

  • Learn about proper temperatures, receiving and storing, pest management, hygiene, purchasing and receiving, bacteria, listeria and other micro – organisms, the flow of food and much more.
  • Protect your business against the costly effects of potential food borne illness outbreaks. Improve food quality, cost control and inventory rotation procedures.
  • Meet Food Handling Requirements and Keep Your Customers Safe

Basic Food Safety Management (Employee Level)
This basic level gives your employees the confidence and the knowledge to make the right food safety decisions everyday in your frontline operation.

6-8 hours in-class (1 day)
Approx 6 hours online

Proctored in class and video link for online


Basic Food Safety Management

5 years

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NOTE: Once registered you will receive course login information within 24 hours


Advanced Food Safety Management
Our Advanced Food Safety training is currently being updated and is not available right now. 

Advanced Food Safety Management Training give your managers/staff the confidence and the knowledge to make the right food safety decisions everyday in your operation. Keep your customers and your business safe.

Length: 16 hours in-class (2 day)
Prerequisites: None
Certificate: Advanced Food Safety Management
Recertification: 5 years

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