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EMR Frequently Ask Questions

How long is the EMR course?
The EMR course is 10-12 days.

What is the cost for the EMR course?
Unless we have a promotion running, the cost is $1990.00 plus HST.  This includes all textbooks and supplies but not accommodations, travel or meals.

Is the EMR course fully online?
No, the EMR course has required hands-on skills in order to complete the course.

What is required to do the course online?
You will need access to a computer, tablet, or smartphone with Zoom or similar virtual technology.  Class times and schedule is available by visiting our online bookings page.  You will also receive it when you register.

What funding is available for EMR training?
There are different funding options available such as funding through Service Canada / AES, or we offer short-term repayment options.  Please call our office for more details on what funding options are available.

Can I apply online for the monthly Payment Plan program?
Yes, you can access the application and apply online here.

Are there any jobs available for EMRs?
At the time of posting this, there are many job opportunities available across the province.  You would need to apply to the ambulance company in the area you wish to work.

Once I complete the EMR training, how do I get registered to work on the ambulance?
In order to work on a ground ambulance in NL, you need to be registered with NL Paramedicine Regulation (NLPR).  Visit their website at www.nlpr.ca for more information on registration.

What are the wages for an EMR?
Wages vary across the province.  This should be discussed with your potential employer.

Is staff housing available when working as an EMR?
Some employers do have staff housing available for employees who do not live but work in an area.  You would need to discuss this with your employer.

Is there a work term or on the job training?
We do not provide work term or on the job training as part of the EMR course.  However, most employers will give you time to get familiar with the EMR roles and reasonability.

Do I get my licence to drive an ambulance during this course?
No, Class 4 drivers’ licence is required to drive an ambulance.  You would need to contact or visit your local Department of Motor Vehicle Registration.