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Audiometric Testing

Eastern Safety Services audiometric testing services, along with a noise survey, allow you to detect noise-induced hearing loss before it becomes a problem, providing you with the information you need for investigation and intervention so you can protect your workforce.

What is audiometric testing?
Audiometric testing is a type of hearing test.  It establishes a baseline measurement of the worker’s hearing and then repeats the testing at regular intervals to determine if there are any changes in the worker’s ability to hear.

Why do audiometric testing?
Noise is a serious health hazard in the workplace.  Prolonged exposure to noise in excess of occupational exposure limits can lead to permanent noise-inducted hearing loss, a common occupational disease.  In workplaces that pose a risk, Employers should create and implement a hearing conservation program for workers exposed to noise at the workplace. Audiometric testing of a worker’s hearing is important to the success of a hearing conservation program.

Audiometric testing helps determine if there are any early indications of noise-induced hearing loss. Occupational hearing loss happens gradually over time, workers often fail to notice changes in their hearing ability until a relatively large change occurs. By comparing audiometric tests from past years, early changes can be detected, and appropriate protective measures can be implemented to prevent further damage.  In addition, overall results can be compared from year to year to identify trends within occupations or between different departments at the workplace

How to request Audiometric testing?
Audiometric testing is usually conducted on employees every two years alongside a facility noise survey.  To help reduce costs, both audiometric testing and a noise survey can be completed on the same day.  However, audiometric testing came be request on its own.

To request audiometric testing services, please call our office.  We will ask you some questions, then send you a quote to have audiometric testing complete at your facility or make appointments to have your employees come to our facility for testing.

If you have any questions, please call or email us.